Tea Component and Healthy Benefit


Healthy Effect

(Astringent and bitter ingredients of Green Tea)
- Reduces risk of cancer
- Restrains tumors
- Lowers blood cholesterol
- Prevents high blood pressure
- Prevents high blood sugar = Prevents diabetes
- Kills bacteria & Prevents food poisoning disease
- Fights with flu virus
- Prevents cavities
- Prevents bad breath
- Prevents damage of liver from alcohol
(Bitter ingredients of Green Tea)
- Keeps you awake (Relieves fatigue or sleepiness)
- Works as diuretic
Carotine - Works as antioxidant
Vitamin C - Reduces stress
- Prevents cold and flu
Vitamin B complex - Promotes metabolism
Vitamin E - Works as antioxidant
- Helps to maintain youthfulness
Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid (GABA) - Lowers high blood pressure
Flavonoids - Strengthens the blood vessel wall
- Prevents bad breath
Polysacharides - Prevents high blood sugar
Fluoride - Prevents cavities
Theanine (A kind of Amino acid) - Emphasizes flavor (Brothy taste)
  (1996 Green Tea Industry Hand Book)